Making It in a 10-Year Town with Kaylee Rose
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Making It in a 10-Year Town with Kaylee Rose

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with singer and songwriter, Kaylee Rose. Kaylee’s first on-stage performance was at a bar in St. Augustine when she was 14, and from that moment on, she continued playing at gigs and sharing her music with the people of Florida. Kaylee moved to Nashville when she was 19 to pursue her passion and career in the music industry.

Let’s dive right into Kaylee’s journey into the 10-Year Town.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:0108:15] Making It in a 10-Year Town

  • I introduced guest, Kaylee Rose into the show
  • Kaylee talks about her background and what brought her to Nashville
  • From Miami, Florida and moved to St. Augustine, Florida
  • Taught herself how to play the guitar
  • Moved to Nashville when she was 19
  • Kaylee compares what it was like in St. Augustine and Nashville
  • Kaylee gives a piece of advice for fellow artists planning to pursue their career in Nashville

[08:1617:45] Kaylee’s Fears Going into The Music Industry

  • Kaylee’s advice to the younger Kaylee Rose
  • Things people don’t understand about the music industry
  • Do you think your father is a big reason why you pursue music? Or was it always going to be music?
  • Kaylee talks about the things she wished she knew before going to Nashville
  • Let’s hear from Kaylee what it takes to become a good songwriter
  • I spoke about how journal writing changed my life

[17:4628:08] Kaylee’s Inspiration for Writing Her Music

  • Kaylee talks about where she gets her inspiration and ideas for her music
  • Resources that Kaylee would recommend for up and coming artists
  • Kaylee shares a story about writing a song for Johnny Cash
  • The importance of meeting people who support and believe in you
  • What do you think your unique skill is?

[28:0939:15] Continuing to Grow in the Music Industry

  • Putting in effort and time into your craft
  • Kaylee shares the secret to keeping her listener’s attention
  • Listening to music changes your mood
  • How do you continue to become better at what you do?
  • Staying disciplined, focused, and driven.
  • Kaylee weighs in on the whole COVID situation for artists
  • If you were going to quit because of COVID, you were going to quit anyways
  • How do you get those gigs when they become so hard to get?
  •  I think you just earn them.

[39:1647:59] Closing Segment

  • If you are put on a world stage and have 5 minutes to talk to people to remember you by. What would you say?
  • “I don’t know. Be nice. Don’t judge people. Work hard.”
  • If you could ask anyone in the world any question, dead or alive. Who would it be? What would it be?
  •  “I definitely would like to talk with Johnny Cash. I probably would just want to know what kept him going”
  • What keeps you motivated to keep going?
  • “I just love what I do, and I think being a writer and a performer makes me a better person.”
  • How can people support your mission, or follow you, or how can they find you?
  • You can follow Kaylee online. See below for links
  • Final words from Kaylee and me


Tweetable Quotes:

“Enjoy the ride more, and be patient.” – Kaylee Rose

“I think people just forget that this is the industry where you have to put in the time and be patient. You can only work so hard, half of it is luck.” – Kaylee Rose

“I just can’t lose sight of who I am and what makes me excited to sing. Like, I feel like just so many people will sing something because other people say it’s cool and the thing to do right now, and that goes away quickly.” – Kaylee Rose


Resources mentioned in the episode:


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