Pratical Tips to Becoming the Best You with Nick Carrier
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Pratical Tips to Becoming the Best You with Nick Carrier

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with coach, fitness Instructor and host of the Best You Podcast, Nick Carriers. Nick always had a positive and energetic approach to life that fueled his interest in fitness from a young age. While on the journey to becoming the best person he could be he realized people need more than just words but actual tips and tools to achieve the goals and aspirations they have and channeled that through fitness.

Let’s dive right into Nick’s story so we can grab some practical steps on how to start on the path to self betterment by setting the right goals and defining our own version of success. 

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:0105:40] Opening Segment

  • I welcome and introduce my guest, Nick Carrier, to the show
  • Fitness coach and podcastor Best You Podcast
  • Nick talks a bit about himself
  • Studied finance in GA also started doing group fitness training 
  • Decided to go into fitness, self improvement full time
  • Give people tools to become their best selves 
  • Nick tells a bit about his story
  • Dad asked how have you changed over the years
  • Always energetic and positive 

[05:4117:18] Practical Tips on Setting the Right Goals

  • Nick talks about what made him who he is today
  • Work ethic from a young age 
  • Fear of not realizing the greatest personal potential possible
  • Closing the gap between the current and the best version
  • Nick talks about creating goals to be the best person
  • Create goals to become a little closer
  • Set the RIGHT goals
  • Learn from failures 
  • Nick talks about why people quite
  • Results fuel your beliefs 
  • Lack of result leads to less belief and starts a negative cycle
  • Changing the mindset
  • Define the overall goal
  • Create the doable strategy 
  • Checking off a score board to celebrate the small wins and results
  • Spend energy on the process not the goal

[17:1935:16] Practical Tips on Defining Success

  • Nick shares about needing vulnerability within fitness
  • Be honest with yourself first then be able to admit it to others
  • The more people that you tell the higher the stakes raise 
  • Fulfillment should comes before happiness 
  • Nick gives advice around changing your beliefs and mindset
  • Be flexible but no need to change core values
  • Be focused on the best version of yourself 
  • The more you know the more you realize you don’t know
  • Growth mindset 
  • Nick talks about resources to becoming the best you
  • Gain and define success in the different areas of your life
  • Visualize the goal and how to get their
  • Edwin Arroyave
  • Get control over the different areas over your life
  • Honing in on your gifts and talents
  • The people who know us best can reveal them to us 
  • Some of us are too close to yourself to figure out our uniqueness 
  • Experiment and try different things till something makes you feel alive
  • Define, clearly, what success looks like for yourself 
  • People can’t and shouldn’t do that for you 
  • Nick shares advice someone trying to get themselves started
  • First: Write three things you’re thankful for everyday
  • Gratitude is the combat to fearfulness 
  • Second: Do something consistency 

[35:1747:23] Closing Segment

  • If you are put on a world stage and have 5 minutes to talk to people to remember you by what would you say? 
  • The why behind “The Best You”
  • It makes everyone around you better
  • Take responsibility to become that person
  • Nick talks about his energetic personality 
  • Still need alone time
  • Sarah talks about her “why”
  • If you could ask anyone in the world something, who and what?
  • Tim Tebow 
  • So good at being himself in the face of criticism 
  • How do you stay true to yourself?
  • Have curiosity and be open to feedback 
  • Decipher the helpful vs not helpful
  • Keep success small for each day 
  • I acknowledge Nick for chasing his dreams and goals
  • How can people follow you, support you, and connect with you?
  • See below for social links. 
  • Books coming in the future
  • Final words from Nick and me


Tweetable Quotes:

“Every single week I define success for different areas of my life. So for me to become the best version of myself I need to be successful in my personal life, as a friend and family member, in my spiritual life, in my health and my professional life, and my gifts and talents.” – Nick Carrier

“I want to be able to create something and do something where I can help people define what the best version of themselves looks like and then give them practical tools and tips to be able to reverse engineer that person into reality.” – Nick Carrier

“Your beliefs drive your actions, your actions drive your results, but then your results fuel your belief.” – Nick Carrier

Resources Mentioned:

You can connect with Nick on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Head on over to to learn more about starting your journey to becoming the best you and get your free session.

To know more, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or visit my website I’m offering a FREE 30-minute consultation for people who reach out to me.

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