Inspire a Few by Giving the Most with Spence Sheldon
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Inspire a Few by Giving the Most with Spence Sheldon

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with entrepreneur and owner of the Sheldon Restaurant Group, Spence Sheldon. Spence grew up in Kentucky as an active kid, then after college realized that performance would never take him to where he wanted to be. Spence learned the art of humility and servant leadership which led him to open his first successful pizza restaurant and eventually a not for profit Almost Home Clothing.

Let’s dive into Spence’s story about how becoming the most humble version of yourself can inspire your team and everyone around you.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:0106:57] Opening Segment

  • I welcome and introduce the guest, Spence Sheldon, to the show.
  • Spence talks about his background.
  • Son, brother, boyfriend, entrepreneur, & restaurateur 
  • Spence talks about himself as a kid
  • Got into any kind of active sport
  • Sharing about Spence’s education
  • Started as a biology major
  • Business and Entrepreneurship 
  • Asking who does Spence want to be

[06:5814:46] Humility Always Wins

  • Spence talks about his time in Nashville
  • “Basketball gave me a platform” leading to pride
  • Went from athlete to music
  • Spence talks about having to get right with himself
  • The Motive by Patrick Lencioni
  • Servant leadership should be the only leadership
  • How Spence got into the restaurant business
  • Felt like he needed his own thing
  • His father was his first investor 

[14:4730:27] Diving In and Inspiring Your People

  • How Spence has set himself apart from other businesses
  • Diving into your employees
  • Loving with no agenda
  • They need to know how much you care
  • The interview process
  • “I don’t hire an application, I hire a person”
  • Spence talks about himself as a leader
  • “They always know the version of Spencer that’s coming in”
  • Spence talks about putting systems in place
  • Spence talks about learning to put systems in place
  • Knowing the point guards of your team for the day
  • Spence talks about what makes him care about people
  • Inspire a few by giving yourself 
  • Chasing more than just the dollar

[30:2845:59] Spence vs. Super Spence

  • The advice current Spence would give to 18 year old Spence
  • Be the most humble version of yourself you can be
  • Spence give advice around being vulnerable
  • Mentions Bob Goff
  • Spence talks about connecting with people
  • Be the real you and make it a business
  • Spence talks about Almost Home Clothing
  • Passion project for the homeless

[46:0058:32] Closing Segment

  • If you are put on a world stage and have 5 minutes to talk to people to remember you by what would you say? 
  • “Love your neighbor” over race, color or creed
  • “Don’t take yourself so seriously”
  • Master the art of resting
  • If you could ask anyone in the world any question, dead or alive. Who would it be? What would it be?
  • Getting to ask Jesus, “why?”
  • Cortez
  • What is a breakdown of your day?
  • Up at 6 workout at 7 – 8
  • Restaurant opens at 10:30
  • Close up and spend time with friends and mom 
  • Stephen answers his own questions for his mother.
  • How can people follow you, support you, and connect with you?
  • See below for social links.
  • Final words from Stephen and me


Tweetable Quotes:

You do have a sense of pride opening a business, but the TRUE JOY is giving it away.” – Spence Sheldon

How I get my troops to rally is I dive in. They’ve got to understand how much I care about them as individuals long before I ever care about a business.” – Spence Sheldon

“We all got ignored when we didn’t want to be, somebody didn’t listen when it would’ve been cool if they did, we didn’t get that compliment when it would’ve been awesome if that person gave it… If I can be that person for someone, I think I’ve won.” – Spence Sheldon

Resources Mentioned:

You can connect with Spence on Instagram. Check out his not for profit focussing on taking care of the homeless. Also, take a look at Donatos Pizza if you’re in the area.

To know more, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or visit my website I’m offering a FREE 30-minute consultation for people who reach out to me.

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