Breaking Walls With a Positive Mindset Towards Fitness with Derrick Billups
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Breaking Walls With a Positive Mindset Towards Fitness with Derrick Billups

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the Entrepreneur and founder of City Fit Concierge, Derrick Billups. Derrick moved to Nashville 6 years ago from Virginia where he played NCAA college basketball and studied Sociology. Since moving to Nashville, Derrick has immersed himself in the industry through personal training, group fitness and yoga, and more.

Let’s dive into Derrick’s story of how the right mindset can set you up for greatness.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:0105:43] Opening Segment 

  • I welcome and introduce guest Derrick Billups into the show
  • Derrick talks a little bit of background about himself
  • Left Virginia and went to Nashville without being able to finish college
  • He once wanted to be in the NBA

[05:4411:42] How Do You Move Forward Without Losing Your Identity?

  • Derrick talks about his mindset of “constantly evolving”
  • Finding the motivation to push you
  • Derrick’s biggest fear when he was around 10 and 15 years old
  • He was getting teased for stuttering
  • If you have a stuttering problem and getting bullied, here’s some advice from Derrick to empower you

[11:4325:14] Breaking Walls With a Positive Mindset Towards Fitness

  • Derrick talks about the steps and things that you will go through during the process of starting a business
  • Getting your mindset right
  • Goal Setting
  • Derrick shares his secret of making things happen without stopping
  • What motivates you?
  • How do you push when you are hitting a wall?
  • Look back on your intentions and goals

[25:1535:08] Derrick’s Greatest Fear And His Failures

  • Holding yourself accountable. Start changing your life. Start now!
  • The Importance of Mentorship
  • Derrick talks about the power of positive energy
  • Derrick weighs in on his fears and failures

[35:0951:36] Closing Segment

  • If you can write the perfect ideal life for yourself, what will it look like?
  •  “Being in the moment and living a life that is created in a way that I don’t really have to do anything because I’ve already put in the work early on.”
  • If you are put on a world stage and you have 5 minutes to talk for people to remember you by. What would you say?
  • “Going back to that child-like mentality and just understanding that no matter what, everything is still at your call.”
  • Derrick talks about his family behind his success
  • If you could ask anyone in the world any question, dead or alive. Who would it be? What would it be? 
  • “My Grandma. I would ask her, is she proud?”
  • Are you proud of what you’ve built?
  • “I’m proud. I’ve found my fulfillment.”
  • Why I’m doing this podcast
  • Why most people quit
  • What I do with my competitors
  • Final words from me and Derrick

Tweetable Quotes: 

“The biggest moment is right now. The most important thing is the person in front of you. And the most important thing to do is be there for the person in front of you.” – Josh Wilcox

“The first step is to start now. Meaning, get up, stand up on your feet, get a pen, get a paper, write down I am going to change my life.” – Derrick Billups

“The most optimistic people are the people that overcome the most.” – Ephraim Glick

“You may have to fight a little harder to get to where you’re going. But just fight, just keep pushing, just keep challenging yourself, just keep going and it will work out.” – Derrick Billups

Resources mentioned in the episode:

You can connect with Derrick on Instagram and Facebook. Check out his website to know more about fitness and health.

To know more, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or visit my website I’m offering a FREE 30-minute consultation for people who reach out to me.

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