From a Moment to a Movement with Cisco, Derrick, AJ & Tommy
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From a Moment to a Movement with Cisco, Derrick, AJ & Tommy

In today’s special episode, I have a panel discussion with Cisco Carter, Derrick Billups, AJ Thomas, and Tommy Wafford. We would like to discuss what is going on in the world around us. Look around you and ask yourself, how we can get better as humans? Let’s figure out how to achieve the ultimate shift, given what is happening in our society today.

Let’s immerse ourselves in what everyone’s intake and how we can break this thought pattern. Always remember BLACK LIVES MATTER. 

[00:0112:54] Opening Segment 

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  • I welcome and introduce the guests, Derrick Billups, AJ Thomas, and Cisco Carter Tommy Wafford, to the show. 
  • We talk about what is currently happening in our society with people’s mindsets, the way how people are not accepting the norm
  • racism and protests 
  • Civil rights movement 
  • What if your relatives or loved ones were the ones who were killed? No matter who you are, respect human lives.

[12:5524:36] From a Moment To A Movement 

  • We share our insights on how politics play a significant role in low-income communities 
  • Is there another way we can do without having to depend on the politicians?
  • We talk about how to build relationships and friendship with respect to our brothers of all colors 
  • Education: Be an advocate for your community.
  • We talk about how to redefine yourself

[24:3736:46] Racial Discrimination and Equality 

  • We talk about their experiences in racial discrimination and equality, do you have some experience as well?
  • We discuss the police brutality happening today in our society  
  • Good policemen and the bad ones 

[36:4750:03] Are all Cops Bad?

  • We discuss the misconception about ‘All Cops are Bad’ (ACB) 
  • The effect of bias created
  • Resentment in the community 

[50:0459:56] What is something that you can do to make a difference?

  • We talk about colorism and the stigma 
  • What something that I can do to make a difference? Listen to their powerful advice 
  • Use your voice to share with love, passion, and empathy 
  • Look for peace 
  • Empowering the community 
  • Final words from me 

Tweetable Quotes: 

“You have to remove all the career politicians before anything’s gonna change.” – Ephraim Glick 

Resources Mentioned: 

You can connect with them on their social links Cisco Carter on his Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Derrick Billups on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook. AJ Thomas on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Tommy Wafford on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.   

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