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From his most humble beginnings, Ephraim still had more vision than most of us who grew up with the world at our fingertips. The Amish lifestyle didn’t afford him the luxury of being a dreamer. His life would be thoroughly mapped out for him. However, Ephraim shows us that charting your own course can happen from any stage, with any script. He shows us that the future hasn’t been written, and while it is only a thought, it has the ability to be constructed any way we choose.


Ephraim grew up, traditionally Amish, with all it entails. There was a focus on separating the temporal with the eternal, and focusing on the simplicity and humility of a natural communal lifestyle. He was taught to work the land, to work hard, to work for the betterment of the whole, not the self. From the outside looking in, the simple life would appeal to so many. But Ephraim yearned for more. He wanted to know the why, the how; and to do this, he would need to venture beyond the range of the horse and buggy.

But Ephraim never put aside his values to chase his dreams; in fact he would let his values shape them, and he would go into the world with direction and a level head. He has done it all from working on the farm to starting and developing five different businesses, it didn’t take him long to reveal his entrepreneurial savvy. He was being recognized by customers and fellow businessmen, alike. His expertise was growing, and quickly, being sought after.


Ephraim has built a network of some of the finest minds in Nashville and throughout the country. He is wise to seek the council of others who have gone on before him, and welcoming to his contemporaries and those who are coming after. Above all, he has a heart to make difference…I difference for good. And I invite you to come along as he guides the next generation.

As we spend our days, scrolling through the lives of people we admire, we tend to believe that those who are living their dream life or those who have great careers, have something that we intrinsically don’t. We tend to believe that they have a talent that we just can’t achieve; and success comes to them because they are special. But what is it that really separates them from us?


The “Ultimate Shift” is where your host, Ephraim, has a conversation with those who have overcome the complacency of “just living” and have transitioned their life into loving what they do, and living by their own design. Ephraim’s goal is to help see the human in people and help his listeners with the realization that everyone’s had obstacles to overcome in order to live out their dream. Sometimes it’s wounds from the past or stigmas developed in childhood; but through vulnerability and the willingness to choose change, these influential people have pushed past their fears in order to live their life by their own design.


Ephraim’s goal is to help you realize that your potential is within your grasp, and your success is in your hands. Join him, as we listen to those who have made the “Ultimate Shift,” and are enjoying the rewards of their labor of love.


If the show has helped you overcome your fears or obstacles please reach out and let us know! We would love to hear from you.


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